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What is PPA?
A corporate power purchasing agreement is a contact between a buyer (off-taker) and a power producer (Daylight Energy Solutions Ltd) whereby daylight energy solutions undertake to provide our clients with Solar power solutions through the construction and maintenance of a solar power plant at the client’s premises and the client undertakes to purchase the electricity produced.
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What are the Benefits?

Up to 40% guaranteed savings on electricity bills
100% fully financing available with no upfront capital expenditures
Top quality, European standards solar systems and equipment
High watt Panels (between 550w and 650w) for maximum power and space efficiency
Detailed Engineering, Procurement, and supply of materials
Reliable power with guaranteed solar output and system performance
25-year warranty for Solar Panels
10-year warranty for inverters.
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Looking to reduce your electricity bills and decrease your carbon footprint? Look no further than Daylight Energy Solutions Ltd. Our core business is to provide and promote solar generated energy at a cheaper price for businesses and institutions.

Through our commercial Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA), we offer institutions the opportunity to access reliable and tailor-made power supply. As part of the agreement, we undertake an energy audit to accurately size the installation based on your actual consumption.

By partnering with us, you can enjoy guaranteed savings on your electricity bills by up to 40%, with fully financing available and no upfront capital expenditures. Our solar systems and equipment are of top quality, adhering to European standards. With high watt panels and an optimally designed system, you can maximize energy production and save space.

What’s more, our solar panels come with a 25-year warranty, and our inverters have a 10-year warranty. We handle the maintenance of the power plant, so you can enjoy trouble-free operation. Plus, with our WiFi-based smart monitoring system, you can easily track your energy production and consumption from your mobile device or PC.

Switching to solar power not only provides immediate reductions in your electricity bills but also protects you from future hikes in electricity prices. It’s a win-win situation, benefiting both your wallet and the environment. Just by installing a 1 kW power plant, you can reduce 1460 kg of CO2 emissions within a year.

Choose Daylight Energy Solutions Ltd for a cost-competitive and full renewable energy supply. Contact us now and start enjoying the benefits of solar power.

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