Green Energy Solutions for businesses and institutions. High quality standards for the equipment provided and electricity cost reduction! With DayLight Energy, reduce substantially your costs of electricity on a daily basis.

Green, Affordable, Power

Daylight Energy aims to be the leading provider of green and cheap energy for businesses.

Empowering Business Performance

Energy being the main cost item for companies, the substantial savings achieved allow better performance and competitiveness of your activity.

Sustainable Energy Transformation

Beyond the substantial cost reductions in your energy bill, the company actively participates in the CO2 emissions reduction program by substituting the fossil energy source of these customers with renewable energy, which is solar.

Powerful Partnership Established

DayLight Energy is the result of a joint-venture between the development company Iristone Consulting and the EPC contractor Alltop Solar Energy Ltd.


Daylight Energy
Solar is an essential source of renewable energy. Electricity from solar comes from the transformation of radiant light and heat from the sun using the photovoltaic technology.

At DayLight Energy we believe in the energy transformation from the use of fossil fuels to renewable sources.

We also believe in the financial benefits for our clients using solar as it is an unlimited source of energy at our disposal.
We pay attention on the productivity of the installations as it is our source of revenue. The choice of high ranked equipment supplies is key to our business.
Choosing the use of active solar technology through photovoltaic systems, we want to be an active actor in the future of our planet.
DayLight Energy believes also in the quality of the equipment supplied to our clients.


167.2kwp Globsil minerals project. Kajiado…with an estimated annual generation of 296404kwh

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